Front Runner Flyttbar Markise Arm

Kr 8500 NOK

Kjekk flyttbar markise arm fra Front Runner.

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How often have you set up your campsite, unrolled the awning, and discovered that the shade you had mid morning, is gone mid afternoon? That’s why Front Runner created the movable awning arm. It swings out, holding the awning, giving more precise control over blocking the sun.

Varenummer: RRAC080

Pris: 8500kr ink mva


Consists of:
Movable awning arm
Installation hardware

Materials used:
Black powder-coated 3CR12 stainless steel

Product Dimensions:
1234mm (48.6″) L x 356mm (14″) W x 120mm (4.7″) H

11.26kg (24.8lbs)